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Last Updated October 18, 2018

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Our Prayer List 



The Family of Zachary King – Son of James King

Dennis Kaiser – Father of Beth Nye

Jean Wolf

David Maxey

Earl Basehore

Tracey Pajski – Daughter of Andrew Kelly

Cheryl Mankel – Sister of Sandy Clouser
Eric, Kaitlin and Kailee(baby) Friend of Matt Sweigart

Anna Mae Moyer – Wife of Charles Moyer

Coty Gladfelter, Jr. – Friend of the Houcks

Andy Long

Lucas Hess – Friend of Jane Lesher

Gloria Shober – Friend of Jane Lesher

Tom W. – Friend of Mike Crowther

Frank Buffington – Friend of Anna and Matt Sweigart

Deb Lorah – Friend of Connie Taylor and Sue Kreitz

Tom Weinhold – Brother of Linda Ream

Cheryl Black – Friend of the Gockley’s

Ryan Trella – Friend of Lee Showalter Family       

Hope Burges – Friend of Sue Kittler

Tom Schalata – Step-father of Katie Koehle

Judith Esterly – Friend of Janice Kelly

Pam Maloni – Friend of Sue VanZant

Kristen Ramsey – Fiance’ of Eric Long

Deb Hainley                                        

Earl Eshelman –– Father of Kathy Worley

Thomas Joseph Doyle, Jr.  Friend of Connie Taylor

Rich Bagenstose – Friend of the Templins

Bryan Miller – Friend of the Reedy’s


 (Please let us know when we can remove people from the sick and shut-in list. We do not always get an update on the their condition).


Earl Bashore

Charles Weitzel

Ella Shirk

Betty Hornberger

Josie Reitz

David Maxey

Alverta Showalter

Clyde Showalter

Pastor's Message


Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Pastor Trout